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Social proof, how can your business benefit from it?

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Have you ever taken the time to carefully look into the reviews and testimonials of your product or services? What about the comments and shares your posts get on social media? Did you share the list of companies you worked with, or at least of a few of them? And did you try to reveal your certifications to your prospects to see how it impacts their purchasing behavior? Whether you answered yes or no, this post is about the impact of these factors, known as social proof, on your business, and the way they can boost the credibility of your company and help you grow your customer pool.

Neil Patel said: “Social proof means that people will copy other’s actions, assuming it’s the right thing to do”. In other words, social proof means that people will follow the footsteps of others. When it comes to the buying habit, consumers are paying attention to what other consumers have purchased, driving them to buy the same products. Humans are psychologically bound to follow the habits of their peers, considering them trust worthy and reliable choices.

The connection between social proof and selling your goods and services is obvious, when you have people buying from you or working with you who consider your business trustworthy and share their opinion with others, you gain the trust of a larger pool of prospects who will be more inclined to collaborate with you or acquire goods or services from you.


Social proof examples

So how does social proof work in the online environment? Here are a few examples of how social proof can build your prospects’ trust and turn them into customers:

User Testimonials, Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Or simply said how buyers express their satisfaction about the goods or services purchased. It is their testimony and personal opinion. It is the scale of trust in what you offer.

Case Studies:

This is when a customer shares the results of using your goods and services through measurable indicators. By documenting the success stories you can stay engaged with your costumers.

Subscribers, Followers and Social Media Praise:

While the number of subscribers and followers shows the count of people who appreciate what you provide, social media praise helps you reach new consumers through recommendations from your existing customers.

Customer Logo Display:

This has a major impact as it shows the companies who have collaborated with you and benefited from your goods or services. Having worked with renowned companies recommends you as a reliable business partner.


If you want to build credibility for yourself or your brand, a certificate is an undeniable proof.

Mentions in the Media:

When you or your company is featured in a well-known media platform, it increases your credibility and your brand’s credibility in the eyes of the consumer, who will consider you worthy of their trust and more willingly to purchase from you.

Industry Influencer Praise:

Regardless of the field you activate in, receiving a compliment from an influencer means that he or she trusts your products and services, people working in the industry trust their point of view and as a result they will trust in you too. So whenever you receive such praise, make sure to make it visible on your website.

And last but not least,

Share Numbers:

And by this I mean share the number of customers who have already used your products or have collaborated with you in productive manner. This is not show off, it is presenting the number of people or businesses who trust you, your product, your service.


So no matter what you do, no matter the industry you work in, keep in mind that consumers rely on the opinion of their peers, the words of a trustworthy source and actual numbers. All this means that you have to be a reliable business partner, who delivers outstanding products or services, which help every customer who decides to work with you or buy from you. Don’t let down your customers and they won’t be able to give up on you.



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