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Brown years, white end tail, spotted legs and a beautiful white collar around her neck. And her name is Bella. She is a 3 months old beagle puppy and she is adorable. Lovable and energetic, with a strong personality and cute years she is my first dog ever. And I love her, even though sometimes she drives me crazy.

Being my first puppy I am still learning how to train her and what she is like but, luckily for me, I have found some useful information on MyPetzilla about the beagle breed. For example, that I am going to have her companionship for about 15 years if I take really good care of her (and hopefully I will), that she is a hunter at the roots and her tiny nose is what guides her around the yard. I also learned that she is a loving and caring dog who likes attention and needs a lot of exercise, luckily we have quite a large yard for her to full around.

I am new to having a dog yet Bella brings me joy and boosts my energy. Try catching her when she is running and you will lose. She loves to chew, and she recently started playing with her tiny bed, seems like her toys are not enough. She is fascinated by ants and cars, is yet afraid of other dogs and she hates it when we close her inside her own fenced area. But when she has the chance to play with us or whenever we get back home, her tiny tail jiggles like crazy. She is always happy to be around her family. And the feeling is mutual.

When I got her, I knew almost nothing about dogs, luckily there is plenty of information online. She was a gift from a very good friend and ever since she is ours I am learning more about dogs each day. As I didn’t know what to expect, I woke up 2 times per night for the first couple of days as she was crying. She needed to go outside. But now, she got used to her new home and I am less concerned that she might be sad or upset to be with us.

So don’t be scared if you are getting a dog for the first time, all he or she needs is your love, affection and time to play and to train. If you invest time in your dog as a puppy, you will have a great pet for at least a decade. When I think about our Bella, I hope I am offering her all the attention and care she needs to make her happy. I know she is making our life happier day by day.

Here is a video of my sweet puppy playing:

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