Importance of Business Blogging

Importance of business blogging – 10 things you need to know

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Writing blog articles is one form of content writing. While there are plenty of personal blogs out there, businesses can benefit from a company blog as well. Having a business blog is a powerful tool to educate your visitors, leads and customers. It provides them with the means to better know your goods or services. It helps you rank higher in search engine results for various long tail keywords and drives long term results. A blog post you write today can be useful to a prospect a year from now.

There are quite a lot of benefits for having a company blog, below you can find some that marketers and businesses find useful and important:


Business Blogging for Traffic and Customers

  • Drives traffic to your website. People who read your blog articles will land on your website. If they are interested in your product or service and find it useful to their needs they will become your customers. You can turn your visitors from leads to customers and to promoters because if they appreciate the content on your company’s blog, they will promote it to others as well.
  • Converts website visitors into leads, through call to action buttons. In addition, the more pages your website has the more leads it gets. More leads means more customers too.
  • Helps you establish authority in your business’ field. Your blog content should be helpful and filled with useful information. It answers the questions your visitors, leads and customers have. You can use your blog as a tool to educate them.
  • Develops a relationship between you and your visitors, leads and customers. By allowing comments to your blog posts you can interact with your visitors. In addition, you can either reply in the comment section, write future posts as answers to their questions or both. This also helps people connect to your business by creating a relationship between them, you and your company.
  • Blog posts are easy to share on social media. Shares help you increase the number of visitors, leads and customers and the overall visibility of your business.


Business Blogging for Search Engines and Ranking

  • It drives long term results. Search engines index every blog post. Each post represents a separate page. Visitors can land on your website’s blog looking for answers to their questions and for solutions to their needs. You might have provided them in previous articles. Prospects can use the information you share on the same day, the next week and  even a few months or years from the moment you publish the blog post.
  • Useful to Search Engine Optimization. The more blog posts your company has, the more indexed pages it has. By creating blog content focused on your company’s keywords you get higher ranking in search results.
  • Improves your ranking for long tail keywords. The more content you have on your blog, the more chances you get of being found for long tail keyword queries in search engines. Another advantage is that you can rank for more than just a limited number of keywords, by creating content around a variety of long tail keywords.
  • Generates inbound links. The information in your posts can be used as a resource by bloggers or the media who will cite you in their own articles. Thus you earn more authority and backlinks to your website which improve its ranking.
  • You add fresh content to your website, a factor which Google appreciates and values. New information gets more exposure to trending searches. And you keep your customers informed and updated with information in your company’s field.


Having a blog section on your company’s website is useful both to you and to your existing and potential customers. It helps with your online visibility, with educating your prospects, helps you communicate with your buyers and establishes your authority. For all of the reasons mentioned above, there is no relevant one for not having a business blog.

Be useful, be friendly, establish online presence and reputation for your business by adding a blog section to your company’s website. One thing is for sure, you won’t regret it.

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