Sttef started this website with a sheer desire to help companies tell their stories, talk about their products and services or put it simply, interact with their visitors and customers.

Sttef has a bachelor degree in economics and a passion for reading, writing and marketing. Her wish is to put this passion at work for businesses who need it. Working as a content writer for a while now, Sttef is  familiar with SEO best practices, copy will be written accordingly.

Sttef has collaborated with brands in the furniture industry, beauty industry, travel and medical industries and more. Knowledge is power and creating great copy means researching and knowing all there is to know about your field in order to put it down in words which best describe your company, your products, your services. No matter the industry you work in, Sttef can assist you with adequate copy.


HubSpot certified in Content Marketing as of April 2017:
Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot


More on Content Writing

When you are a business providing  goods or services to customers or other businesses, you should make it easy for them to know the specific of those goods or services. Make it easy for them to know more about who you are, what you provide and why. And last but not least, make it easy for them to contact you. Your website’s content should tell your story. It should make visitors eager to learn more about you and most importantly, help them relate to your company. And that is where the services of a content writer come in.

A content writer uses the information about your business to present it to the public in a simple, clear manner. Will tell your story and the story of your business so that customers can understand why you do what you do, how can they benefit from your goods or services and, what it is that you provide and can help them in their everyday life.

In the world of the World Wide Web almost everybody searches for information online, whether they want to stay informed, learn, help in their purchasing process or simply be connected to the world around them. This is why content is the best way to do all of the above.

So don’t hesitate to leverage the benefits of content writing, it will make a huge difference in promoting your business.