Importance of Business Blogging

Importance of business blogging – 10 things you need to know

Writing blog articles is one form of content writing. While there are plenty of personal blogs out there, businesses can benefit from a company blog as well. Having a business blog is a powerful tool to educate your visitors, leads and customers. It provides them with the means to better know your goods or services. It helps you rank higher in search engine results for various long tail keywords and drives long term results. A blog post you write today can be useful to a prospect a year from now. There are quite a lot of benefits for having a […]


My Beagle

Brown years, white end tail, spotted legs and a beautiful white collar around her neck. And her name is Bella. She is a 3 months old beagle puppy and she is adorable. Lovable and energetic, with a strong personality and cute years she is my first dog ever. And I love her, even though sometimes she drives me crazy. Being my first puppy I am still learning how to train her and what she is like but, luckily for me, I have found some useful information on MyPetzilla about the beagle breed. For example, that I am going to have […]

Trust Buy Social Proof

Social proof, how can your business benefit from it?

Have you ever taken the time to carefully look into the reviews and testimonials of your product or services? What about the comments and shares your posts get on social media? Did you share the list of companies you worked with, or at least of a few of them? And did you try to reveal your certifications to your prospects to see how it impacts their purchasing behavior? Whether you answered yes or no, this post is about the impact of these factors, known as social proof, on your business, and the way they can boost the credibility of your company and help […]

typing content on keyboard

How can a content writer help your business

Taking into consideration the reality of today when everyone can find anything online, that is where all companies should be, on the World Wide Web. Having easy access to your products or services, visitors can learn about your company and the way the products or services you provide can help them. Bringing information about your business online, will increase its visibility, helping it reach a wider pool of potential customers. So what exactly does a content writer do? This person is responsible for describing your company in an easy to read manner and will transpose the company’s values, objectives and […]

Article for Beauty Clinic

This article presents the advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal and talks about the more comfortable treatment which uses the Soprano Ice: excerpt below: … one should always be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional laser hair removing process and also know that there is an even better solution for removing or reducing undesired body pilosity, the Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment. Knowing the existing options and also the pros and cons for undergoing such treatments helps you decide the best procedure for you, whether we are talking about your skin type, hair type, pain […]